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Over 19 Years of Design and Development

From design and development to architecture and marketing, I'm a generalist who lets nothing stand in his way. I've been designing and developing mobile apps for over 12 years and working with video games for over 6 years. From Power Point to Unity3D and Photoshop to Xcode, I utilize all tools available to get the job done.

"Am I an Expert?"

Once people become "experts", they often lose the childlike curiosity that allows them to grow and evolve, and thus they are no longer open to learning. I want to continue to learn and grow young.






Art Directing

Wanna See Something?

Here are some highlights of some of my work over the past few years. I have more examples that I can share privately upon request.

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Sound Literacy
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Flock Tag
Mega Flux Tube
The Vault
Cloud Health
Hino Trucks
Smitten With Cody Simpson
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A Brief History of Work

For the most part, I've been an independent contractor. As my focus is shifting and I'm able to see the larger picture, I would love to work with a team that can become like a family. Google, are you listening?

Interactive Art Director ~Centerline

I acted as the interactive art director for Centerline, a digital agency in Raleigh, NC. I lead projects for clients like IBM, GE, Quintiles, National Instruments, Lowe’s and many more. The products that I would deliver ranged from native mobile applications, standalone applications, brand expressions, websites, motion graphic pieces, commercial videos, market direction, user experiences to name a few. Check out the company here

Elemental Robots

Elemental Robots is a joint venture, developing indie video games through Unity3D and other platforms. We have developed and are developing various titles for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. We have created small indie game jam type titles and are even working on an MMO. You can read more at

P15 Studios

P15 Studios was the world’s first game development company formed to create a live-action television series that is controlled and determined by the outcome of video game play. I built the company in 2007, originally called Gamers Republik (see below). P15 had a team of over 20 people and high level talks with all major platform providers.

The company failed in a big way and I learned a lot from the experience. These experiences have helped me to grow and learn many new things, like coding for instance. Contact me to learn more.

Check Engine Games

This was a small LLC owned by myself to develop and design mobile applications, architecture, marketing, business logic and gamification strategies. Over 20 apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Google Chrome.

Way Of The Future

So I've been learning game development, design, Programming, Math and various other technical skills. But what for?


I love to cook and to entertain people. When I get stressed, I don’t eat, I cook and savory hack recipes. It’s a stress release so I don’t want to cook for a living as work can be a stressor. However, I am interested being involved with marketing, design, creation and other aspects of the food industry. Therefore, my next big thing will be a food venture.

Get in touch to see what’s cooking!


I firmly believe the next big company on the scale of Google will be in the bio-tech industry. I would also say that if history is any indication, then that company will be created by  a couple of young people who make something the biotech industry needs, like curing wrinkles, cancer or even augmenting the human brain. It will not come from a university or large corporation, it will come from a garage.

I just cleared out the shed, anyone interested in moving forward?


I was an Eagle Scout and raised on the idea of earning badges through a process. The military uses this concept with ranking and advancement. From frequent flier miles to checking in at the grocery store, gamification is here. However, it’s just the beginning. The future of gamification is virtually untapped! The smarter devices become in our daily lives, the more gamification will help us to achieve our goals.

Let’s play!

I'm All Ears

If you like what you see or want to hear more, feel free to reach out and I'll get right back with you. If you want to collaborate, even better!